Lino, modular furniture container Stefano Visconti Formabilio

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Lino, modular furniture container Stefano Visconti Formabilio it has been modified: 2014-11-18 di jessica zannori

It 's time to say goodbye to unsightly plastic boxes and dusty rattan baskets.

Why throw your items in containers which in turn will need to hide or that make you turn up your nose there, in that corner in the living room?

Linen is the first Mobile modular container that complements the decor of your house and hiding your clutter with great style!

Totally customizable with its basic elements in MDF, spacious and colorful, Lino has a simple design that makes it perfectly placed in every room of the house, from the living room as a magazine rack to the room of the children as a game port, or even to the studio the laundry room.

A fresh decor and fun to compose, decompose, integrate, model according to the changing needs of the whole family.

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