Ligne Roset / the sofa Togo "dresses" with the fabric PAUL SMITH

Ligne Roset / the sofa Togo "dresses" with the fabric PAUL SMITH it has been modified: 2015-07-03 di jessica zannori

Also on the occasion of his birthday, Togo di Ligne Roset "dresses" with the fabric of PAUL SMITH, Famous British designer. Symbol of an evolution from the fertile imagination of the style of the great classics revisited by Paul Smith, Point is a fabric from the structure balanced choice for the clarity of its color. The texture is composed of strands of rayon dense semi-gloss for the warp and the weft, held by thin nylon: thus a grid structure reminiscent of the embroidery on canvas and fabric gros-point. The Four Point references are drawn from a single square and produce a recovery of reason on the length, which varies from 29 79 cm cm.

Note that the shooting are designed to be interrupted at any point, to guarantee the originality of each piece of furniture covered with Point. Lightweight, universal, multifaceted, craftsmanship, timeless, available in many sizes and can also be accessed in the price. A sofa designed "to last longer in fashion", the result of the reflections of its inventor on the possible use of new materials of the time as foams and polyester batting. Its creator French designer Michel Ducaroy, Called him in 1973 "A tube of toothpaste folded back on itself like a tuba and fixed at both ends".

We recall the exceptional promotions Point of Purchase Ligne Roset 2 from April to June 29 2013.

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