"Life Is changing" Studio Mandalaki ICFF Studio in New York

Mandalaki Light Plus Qi
"Life Is changing" Studio Mandalaki ICFF Studio in New York it has been modified: 2013-05-18 di Benedict Flowers

Lo Mandalaki study toICFF Studio, The New York Design Week, presents "Life Is Changing" the exhibition that tells the thinking that underlies the activity of the study research

In a world where technology is more and more present and rapidly changing, the study aims to refl? Ect on signi? Ed to draw today a chair, a table or a lamp. The creative process comes from the analysis of the polished daily life and tries to give concrete answers to new ergonomic needs, cultural and aesthetic.

The main concepts of work presented in New York are those of integration, energy sharing and soft technology. The relationship with the electronic devices is changing rapidly, and the number of portable applications is growing day by day: for this reason, the study aims to develop a set of tools for the home and for the uf? Fice that integrate the 'access to electricity, they are easy to assemble, and to adapt to new user requirements for simpli? ficarne actions.

LightPlus Qi

LightPlus Qi is a multilayer laminate lamp hidden inside a low-consumption LED diffuser and a wireless charging system.
This project stems from the desire to eliminate the chargers of phones. A tendency to the subtraction that does not stop to the drawing, but especially tense
to 'removing components? physicists in homes: a simpli? cation widespread. Technical research proposal is in contrast with the current trend to minimize
the light source: the choice of designing a super? Extended luminous surface is functional both from the point of view of the diffusion, both from the compositional point of view.
The base incorporates all that are needed to power electronic components.



Mandalaki is a friendly presence in homes and uf? There. The desk panders digital lifestyle: electrical outlets and USB ports are directly present on the super? Cie work, integrated into the leg structure that overcomes the floor, to feed all the devices that today we do not know to give up. no screws or joints and can be easily assembled and disassembled for environments in continuous transformation.



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