Mikado bookstore, edition companies

Library Mikado Bellemere companies
Mikado bookstore, edition companies it has been modified: 2013-03-04 di Francis Nico

The library wall Mikado French company Compagnie and designed by Jean-François Bellemère has ten bars square section 3 cm: six horizontally and four vertically arranged. Recalling the game of Mikado, wooden bars seem assembled randomly, while following an arrangement precise.

Each of the bars is numbered, to facilitate assembly. Do not be fooled by its lightweight and minimalist, the library Mikado is very durable. This library is made of oak wood on which is applied a protective varnish satin or natural beech painted insvariati colors (White, Gray, Black, Pink, Purple, Green, Orange, Red), and available in two sizes.

Mikado comes with eight spacers for wall mounting: four small and four large cm of 4 12 of cm. If you intend to fill the library should be mounted Mikado ground. Continue reading ...

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