The Trulle, the hanging lamps Edmondo Testaguzza for Karman

The Trulle, the hanging lamps Edmondo Testaguzza for Karman it has been modified: 2013-12-07 di jessica zannori

"In the infinite variety of architectural expression of the human trulli Puglia has always influenced me. Their shape, color, and their willingness to seemingly random groups I entered the heart. The warmth of their embrace will not forget. The scent of their skies does not dissolve with the distance. Fragments of our past still resist. To you my thoughts. "

To resurface a childhood memory, the good times we had, think of an evocative image carved in memory and turn it into a project, in an object, light. This is what he did Edmondo Testaguzza planning The Trulle, A series of pendant lamps that resemble the rounded shape and the whiteness, the Apulian trulli.

Those trulli, fragments of our past, resist all'andar of time and continue to suggestionarci. In a process of discounting and formal experimentation, the ancient architectures become objects of furniture reminiscent outdoors, summer warmth and give a feeling of comfort and relaxation.




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