The Kartell chairs: flexibility and strength

The Kartell chairs: flexibility and strength it has been modified: 2017-02-07 di press mohd

The magazine of the e-shop MOHD dedicates an article to Kartell, the Italian company founded in 1949 by Giulio Castelli. The success of the Kartell brand was consolidated in the 60s and the international consecration came in 1972, with the participation in an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York dedicated to made in Italy furniture.

Complements Kartell are designed by the best Italian and foreign designers, and the e-shop of MOHD, always with the latest trends of furniture, for years dedicating a space to his creations, in which you can find opportunities to purchase products Kartell.

Consult the e-shop i Kartell products available online.

Louis Ghost by Philippe Starck

The e-shop of MOHD pays tribute to one of the cult of the design on the occasion of its tenth birthday: the Louis Ghost. It's a comfortable armchair in transparent and colored polycarbonate, whose line is inspired by the eighteenth-century Louis XV style chairs: the baroque revisited to dazzle, excite and captivate.

Louis Ghost is Philippe Starck's clear desire to bring design closer to the general public, overcoming the dimension of the elite and, at the same time, the most courageous example of injection of polycarbonate in a single mold.

Despite its evanescent and crystalline, which suggests fragility and lightness, Louis Ghost is stable and durable, shock-proof and scratch. A design product with a strong impact, perfect to be added to any style of home or public space with elegance and simplicity.

Find out on the e-shop la Louis Ghost by Kartell available online.

The sessions Maui Vico Magistretti

Mohd e-shop you can find a section devoted to the sessions of the series Maui. Designed by Vico Magistretti, the "Maui" is a re-design of the chairs in curved plywood, a review of historical pieces of design through the possibilities offered by technological progress.

Magistretti's attention is focused on the potential of plastic: a monocoque in polypropylene, capable of exploiting the concept of “resistance by shape”. The double curvature between the backrest and the seat makes it possible to create a very thick single piece supported by a slender chromed steel structure.

The sessions are produced by injection into a mold, and form a family rich in chromatic and formal variations, able to meet specific needs in communal areas or in home environments. Thanks to its design, the Maui chair is stackable up to 7 and 5 pieces. It can also be coupled with other chairs of the same type, row by row, to infinity, thanks to a simple rear hook.

Discover the details of the Maui by Kartell on the e-shop.

Philippe Starck and "Mademoiselle à la mode"

The MOHD e-shop dedicates a section to Mademoiselle armchairs. An innovative design with the intelligent and absolutely new combination of two different plastic materials: the transparent polycarbonate structure, which offers solid support, and a soft and comfortable plastic for the seat, which still maintains the charm of transparency and color.

Seven famous fashion houses (Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, Missoni, Etro, Trussardi, Moschino, Valentino) dressed Mademoiselle, transforming her with their own style, confirming the solidity of the marriage between design and fashion.

In April this year, during the Milan Design Week 2012, Kartell presented the Mademoiselle Rock, born from the friendship between Philippe Starck and Lenny Kravitz. A new combination, in which the American artist has dressed Starck's chair with fabrics of leather, fur and python, to improve the tactile experience of the seat.

Visit the section dedicated to Mademoiselle by Kartell on the e-shop.

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