New Products MARTINELLI LUCE Euroluce 2013

620-1 J Minipipistrello MARTINELLI LUCE
New Products MARTINELLI LUCE Euroluce 2013 it has been modified: 2013-03-29 di jessica zannori

We offer a preview of some news that Martinelli Luce will present to euroluce 2013, During the Design Week Milan, the first of the lamp Minipipistrello, mini version of the famous lamp designed by the architect designer Gae Aulenti.

620 / J MINIPIPISTRELLO / design gae aulenti
Gae Aulenti is one of the historical names of Italian design, inextricably linked to Martinelli Luce with his lamp Bat. The Mini version is a tribute to the extraordinary creativity of a woman who has helped transform this lamp in a cult. The Minipipistrello is identical to the original model of 1965, presented in white or dark brown with light sources to LEDs.


2080 COLIBRI '/ Emilian design martinelli
It is a versatile device to be suspended individually or by means of a magnet at the end of the tube to join more hummingbirds and obtain other compositions in space. It has direct / indirect light, adjustable in anodized aluminum and is designed for a LED light source.

2057 xxl-circular pol 4 MARTINELLI LUCE

2057 / XXL XXL CIRCULAR POL / Design Emiliana Martinelli
The circular pol XXL is a modular diffused light system. It is composed of 8 curved sectors, rotationally molded, polyethylene material, connected together by a joint to form a single circular element or other geometric configurations. Fluorescent or LED light source. Complete with electronic ballasts. Dimensions: ø350 cm.


814 UP & DOWN / design michel boucquillon
Table lamp diffused light in opaline blown glass. Dimensions: ø29 H24 cm.


2289 CLOCHARD / design studio orlandini design
Clochard is not just a lamp, it is also a coffee table, it is also an empty pocket, it is also a bedside table, it is a nomadic object… it is all this together. Just like smartphones, furnishing accessories today must know how to do many things, fill many roles. Clochard is a dynamic and changing object that manages to respond to the different needs of contemporary living. It can be positioned wherever you want without the need for special interventions simply leaning against the wall. LED light source. Dimensions: Width 36 × 29 H98 cm.

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