The bathroom furniture is renewed in 2013 Over Bathroom

The bathroom furniture is renewed in 2013 Over Bathroom it has been modified: +2012 10-12-XNUMX di Edoné Design

With the inauguration of Friday October 26 18 to Gaeta exhibition "2013 BEYOND THE BATHROOM" It will offer many opportunities for designers of modern bathroom space, colorful and always tailored.

The new showroom of Padovani, the original premises in Via Garibaldi 6c in Gaeta (LT), for a year will make the protagonist 'decor of the bathroom, Combining the typical planning of Padovani with the innovation of the products of the collections Edoné Design, well-known brand of Agora Group in Sacile, near Pordenone.

Attention to detail and customization of finishes highlight the use of quality materials in the bathroom furniture with a refined design and unmistakable style of Made in Italy. Another strong point is the respect for the environment, considering the use of recyclable materials to 100% and water-based coatings.

In addition to furniture, on display are exposed to the latest innovations for all kinds of bathroom items, including accessories, lamps, sanitary, tanks, fittings and finishes. The path thus allow the special features of each collection, and among these the great new features offered by Edoné.

Water-repellent coatings of glass fiber

The first innovation concerns the coating of the fiber walls of water repellent glass with four different textures; fish, animals, tents, shells. It 'a way to make original contemporary bathrooms and offer an alternative compared with ceramic, stone or mosaic. The coating can also be extended into the shower and on display we see two examples that highlight the versatility of the project.

Health with interchangeable carter

The second change concerns the bathroom fixturesThat with Edoné become real pieces of furniture. The outer part of the coating may have the same finish of the bathroom furniture thanks to interchangeable casing with a patented coupling system. The sanitary lines Bombo and Cone have 440 finishes and are available in elegant wood essences, coordinate with other bathroom furniture. With Edoné health breaks down, leaving room for the imagination of shapes and colors and creating ad hoc models lines.

Vache Bathroom Stonematt

Rounding out the collections, we find the wonderful bathtub West from the original oval shape made Stonematt, a particular material "malleable", particularly resistant and durable. The Book variant has bathtub Stonematt surrounded by the library in natural resin, to make the bathroom a real area of ​​home wellness.

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