Lamp Wig FONTANA ARTE Chris Hardy

Lamp Wig FONTANA ARTE Chris Hardy it has been modified: 2013-07-09 di

The concept of Wig Fontana Arte it is based on the relationship of the individual towards society as a whole. The Wig Fontana Arte lamp tells the story of social relationships that give life, in an exquisitely unique way, to cultures in the name of diversification. The idea is represented through the combination of the individual components in defining the shape of the lamp. The shape gives the lamp its unique character, infusing life and personality not only to the object but also to its context.

The body of the lamp diffuser Wig Fontana Arte consists of a harmonic composition of curved petals, made of white painted metal shiny (and hard lower diffuser in satin methacrylate), which gives the lamp the look of an exciting light sculpture. Ad hoc chosen the name: the wig (wig in English) is decorative in nature and its purpose is to give new life - just as they do here with the light.

The articulated form gives rise to a direct light, perfect on a table in the dining room, for example. Design beautiful, very elegant.

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