Lamp Plass new version of Media

PLASS M and PLASS suspension
Lamp Plass new version of Media it has been modified: 2015-07-03 di Benedict Flowers

The lamp designed by Plass Luca Nichetto for Foscarini, it was inspired by a bevelled glass pearl, simple yet fascinating in its transparency and its streaks.

Now presented in the new version of Media, it carries a smaller size the exciting presence and magical luminosity of the Great Plass version. The project takes its name from the union of the words "plastic" and "glass and is achieved through the use of a material and a process of the XXI century: the rotational-molded polycarbonate.

Thanks to special processing, the finishes of the lamp that remind the glass imperfections and slight incisions on the surface, similar to those of a pearl large, produce a unique effect, still more immediate and usable in the new Plass Media, available in models table and suspension.
As for the large version, successful protagonist of impressive contract spaces, Plass Media has two light sources, with dual ignition: a diffused and direct downwards. Even the colors, aquamarine and gray, remain unchanged and are inspired by the colors of glass beads.

With the multiple rosette Foscarini, round or linear, it is possible to realize a dramatic composition suspension, perfect for all large-size environments. Upon request, you can also create a cluster composition that can merge up to 7 Plass pendant lamps Media. The latter is perfect for environments with a particular shape such as a stairwell. Even more spectacular will be multiple composition with Plass, playing with different sizes and heights.

PLASS M suspension

PLASS M suspension in September

PLASS M table

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