The 'collective platform' - Fuorisalone 2013

The 'collective platform' - Fuorisalone 2013 it has been modified: 2013-04-04 di Angela D'Aprile

From Grottaglie in Milan, return. In his concept showroom in Via A. Volta 18, Volubilis Milan and invites all visitors to the Salone del Mobile to participate the creation of a collective intergenerational.

Milan Furniture Fair - Volubilis, flagship showroom note majolica Del Monaco and before that place of cohesion, of tradition and innovation, challenge visitors to the city of Milan and the Milan Furniture Fair edition 2013, in a collective work.

Collective platform. The title chosen for the work conceived and designed by Vincenzo Del Monaco and Demis Martinelli, both craftsmen, both artists, both sons of art and craft shops operating in the family.

A marathon which provides audience interaction with matter, Which can be modeled and decomposed in an autonomous way, day after day, and arbitrarily placed on the grid iron and sinuous Demis Martinelli (, through the intervention of the ceramic Vincenzo Del
Monaco ( - ​​ that will compete in a final act but not definitive, leaving the becoming as
further possibility.

To ask "What might be the possibility of a project that involved many variables? What and how many are the constraints of a project today? "
The only answer, given the constraints, and having amplified through the artistic intervention can be unpredictable interaction, relationship, people.
That 's where the project takes on an authentic dimension. E 'in the encounter with the public, with the designers' other', with clients imaginative and time-bound constantly dilated in the moment, in the present, in the continuum. A unique tale, including art, design and tradition are the chapters that make up, interrelandosi, the plot: the artistic dimension of the uniqueness of the work, the rules of design and mass production of the product, the tradition never died out of knowledge and the ability to treat the matter.

The 'collective platform' will be the ideal place where art, design and tradition meet, being able to intersect with the stories of everyone, without depriving the
human breath of the visitor, which will be true explorer of form and matter.
Starting from the 2 20 April 2013, passing in Via Volta number 18 you will be protagonists of a collective ritual material rich in meaning.

Flat-Form Collective - Table of contents
- Prologue
From April to 2 9 April 2013 12.00 pm at 19.00
Every visitor of the showroom can engage in an activity of modeling and decorating interacting with the 'collective platform' in its first phase of creation. Entries made will be kept in showroom for subsequent phases of the work. Will participate in this phase also a group of children at a primary school in Milan.
- Chapter 1. 'Happening'
Tuesday April 9 18.00 hours
The artists Vincenzo Del Monaco and Demis Martinelli will interact with the work and with the signs left by visitors in the first step by completing the vertical development of
'Collective platform'.
- Chapter 2. 'Show and post Salone'
10 20 from April to April from hour to hour 11.00 20.00
Another possibility for visitors to the Salone del Mobile in Milan and the city to be part of the 'collective platform' of Volubilis at this point come to a
vertical and horizontal development. This phase will close Saturday 20 April 2013 with a tasting event of a particular Tuscan wine.
- Chapter 3. 'Milan-Grottaglie: return'
April 21 2013
The elaborate decoration and modeling products from all participants will face a trip to Milan until the shop where they will Grottaglie
cooked and glazed and then return to their place of creation: Volubilis.
- Epilogue
June 21 2013 18.00 hours
In the first day of summer in the Volubilis 'collective platform' resume life through repositioning of all processed cooked and glazed in the walls of
Grottaglie. All participants will be able to see the work, therefore their dishes and their creations modeled on display in the showroom and buy their pieces with a nominal fee to continue to live the 'collective platform' in their own homes.

For information and reservations:
Ceramiche Del Monaco by Volubilis | showroom Via Volta, 18 - 20121 Milan
email: tel: + 39 0263793319

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