The shower… “within reach of a child” by Damast

The shower… “within reach of a child” by Damast it has been modified: 2018-06-07 di engardagiordani

Taking a shower has never been so easy, practical and fun. Damast has designed just for everyone: for the bathroom of children, but also as a complement in the service or owner, the sliding rail with sliding and ABS shower is the perfect solution because "within reach of children".

The stainless steel rod (diameter 25 mm) is firmly fixed to the wall by the lower support and by an adjustable upper support, suitable for a possible renovation going to cover pre-existing holes.

The rod allows the movement of the slide more than half a meter (674 mm), to adapt the shower to all heights and has a joint support to direct the water jet and facilitate the grip, especially by children. Practical and functional, the hand shower is also made of ABS as the sliding: a very light material - unlike brass - and therefore easily handled by the youngest ones, which in this way do not risk getting hurt, both from the older children who can feel independent and independent even when showering.
The rod also houses a practical soap dish, always in chromed ABS, which is also height adjustable to be used directly by children.

Between splashes of water, games in safety and practicality, Damast guarantees a pleasant daily ritual. To calm, relax, entice the rest, but also to give energy and vigor and share with the little ones one of the favorite moments of the day. A wellness ritual for children ... and for the whole family.

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