The Cubick drawers of Laurameroni between "Reality Fluids" on display at Nhow Milan

Cubick drawers
The Cubick drawers of Laurameroni between "Reality Fluids" on display at Nhow Milan it has been modified: 2013-05-15 di RedOffice

16 from May to October 13 2013 Hotel Nhow Milan a creative path between art and design called "Reality Fluids". Among the designers present, Paul Nicholas Rusolen with Cubick designed to Laurameroni

The Cubick drawers designed by Paul Nicholas Rusolen will be one of "Reality Fluids", the objects on display at the hotel Nhow Via Tortona in Milan from the 35 16 October (opening day, at 18.30) at October 13 2013. 14 14 artists and designers will be the protagonists of this exhibition was born from the collaboration between hiWHIM, Blanchaert and Spazio Rossana Orlandi gallery, which wants to propose a series of works on the borders between art, design, installation, painting and sculpture.

The Reality Fluids are architectural solutions and furnishings that integrate with the art and the research design and the current reality through and along which we move, signs of a composite condition, complex and 'liquid'. The concept of fluidity is explored by the designers in terms of functionality and adaptability of the objects that surround us and based on the continuous demands movement of our lives: the Cubick is a swivel pedestal that allows the volume to change shape; a customizable creation created recently by Paul Nicholas Rusolen for Laurameroni.

The artists involved in the exhibition "Reality Fluids" are Cracking Art Group, Elena Escard, Mariano Franzetti, Claudio Greek, Mercedes Ley, Giordano Morganti, nerosunero, ProvocActionArt, Sonia Ros, Andrea + Giulia Ciliberto Farinati + Matthew Stocco, Moritz Waldemeyer, Willow. Among the designers, as well as Paul Nicholas Rusolen for Laurameroni, participating AtelierFORTE, Double-ei, Drydesign, William Fabian, Felicerossi, Setsu & Shinobu Ito, Karim Rashid (Illulian, Base Srl, Martela), Rooms, Syllables and Nicole Tomazi.

Laurameroni. Be Different Be Unique. The company's guidelines are the tactile design, the high quality of materials, attention to detail, personalization and processing of surfaces.

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