KLAPP folding chair Area Declic, premiered at the Milan Furniture Fair 2014

AreaDeClic Klapp Design Atelier Kehrle4
KLAPP folding chair Area Declic, premiered at the Milan Furniture Fair 2014 it has been modified: 2014-02-18 di jessica zannori

During the next Salone del Mobile 2014 Area Declic KLAPP present, a new folding chair designed by Atelier Steffen Kehrle.

KLAPP is made of few components and a coupling intelligent, made of polymer injection molded. Its special design, thanks to the characteristic form, allows the backrest engage directly on the rear legs and lock the chair in a minimum of space.

Seat and backrest can be of plastic or wood with many variations in color and finish. The legs are made of extruded aluminum with a section designed specifically for Area Declic.

KLAPP is a comfortable chair, a folding chair, a chair lightly. The apparent simplicity is the distillate of the collaboration between the young German designer, who invented a new form with items starting minimum, and Area Declic, so functionality and innovation must be the basic features for a successful product.

"The first impression is to look at something more than just a chair, and also something more than a chair momentarily bent." - So says the designer Steffen Kehrle. Known for its ability to open new perspectives to the ordinary and the family, in this project was able to give a change of direction to a type difficult as that of the folding chair: no longer a chair emergency but a beautiful chair that can stay anywhere.

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