Kerasan: the sink and 'ellipse

Kerasan - Flo Line - Sink
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Kerasan It proposes the washbasin elliptical: Flo × 56 34 is a basin with rounded shapes designed by Simone Anzellini.

The idea comes from the geometric lines that define the recesses of the other elements of the collection Flo and meets the needs of those looking for a sink with unusual characteristics. Particular is, in fact, also the solution chosen for the taps: the hole for the mixer is not in the rear of the basin but from the side. The curved shape and homogeneous allows the installation on the floor in each direction.

For those who prefer more traditional solutions the range of washbasins Wall Flo is particularly versatile: thought as elements suspended all can be used as washbasins and are available in sizes between 10 90 and 40 cm wide. Toilet and bidet, on the floor or suspended and have a version of 52 cm deep and the variant of mini 48 cm.

Kerasan - Line Ego - Toilet close

Kerasan - Line Flo

Kerasan - Line Flo - 40 Vessel Sink and Bidet compact

Kerasan - Line Flo - 50 Vessel Sink and Bidet compact

Kerasan - Line Flo - 90 Vessel Sink and Bidet compact

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