Kaasa and Fireplace Iittala: the intimate and friendly atmosphere of the hearth

Kaasa and Fireplace Iittala: the intimate and friendly atmosphere of the hearth it has been modified: 2013-09-24 di eggired

The collections of Fireplaces iittala, Designed by established designers Finnish Ilkka SuppanenCreate elegant and refined atmosphere, perfect for relaxing or a night out. A timeless design characterizes these collections, where the old charm of the Finnish traditions meets a unique and modern style.

Kaasa: a modern fireplace inspired by an ancient lighthouse.

Kaasa is a home that is inspired by the ancient Finns headlights. One time, in fact, the term Kaasa indicated a crucial signal light to guide sailors in the right direction and to warn of the arrival of the enemy. This ancestor of the lighthouse inspired Suppanen, designers sailing enthusiast born on the Finnish coast, to realize Kaasa, a modern fireplace that resembles a bonfire and creates the perfect atmosphere for relaxing and convivial moments.

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The Kaasa collection of Iittala is nice to decorate the room or other areas of the house, And consists of lanterns in two sizes and three colors (transparent, red, gray). Kaasa is similar to a fireplace without flue and works to ethanol: the flame is positioned on a base of brushed stainless steel, surrounded by a protective glass layer resistant to heat, and by a further outer layer of hand-blown glass.

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Fireplace: the encounter between fire and glass takes shape

Fireplace 380x430mm JPG

Fireplace It is the modern version of the hearth, a fireplace with a refined design and essential. Fireplace taming the raging flames and keeps them inside, creating an intimate and welcoming environment, particularly suited to tell a story

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Inspired by open fires, Iittala Fireplace It is a fireplace for interior around which we can gather to spend an evening with friends, relax or just enjoy the warmth and beauty of the fireplace flame. In Fireplace, Suppanen combined pyrex glass resistant to high temperatures and metal. Fireplace is also fueled with bioethanol.

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Kaasa and Fireplace are two essential pieces of Iittala collections for enlightenment. The Iittala products to create atmosphere have been developed in the context of the difficult seasonal changes and light that characterize the Finnish and Scandinavian climate. The blinds and long winters have placed the designers faced with the challenge of bringing a warm light and a welcoming atmosphere in the Finnish homes and beyond.

Suppanen, thank Iittala Fireplace won the Fennia Prize 2009, while Kaasa has received the prestigious Red Dot "Best of the best" 2012. In 2010, a large-scale reproduction of Kaasa was placed in Finnish pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo. Suppanen won also several international awards and his works are exhibited in important international contexts such as the Venice Biennale, the International Furniture Fair of Milan and the MoMA in New York, as well as being part of several permanent museum collections.
Iittala is a brand of Fiskars Group.

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