Interior Innovation Award - The “Tru” lamp, Winner 2014

2 still life Tru Roberto Paoli Nemo Cassina
Interior Innovation Award - The “Tru” lamp, Winner 2014 it has been modified: 2014-01-17 di jessica zannori

Recently selected for the ADI Design Index and then competing for the next Compasso d'Oro, Now Tru floor lamp, designed by Roberto Paoli to Nemo Cassina, was awarded the "Interior Innovation Design, Winner 2014", considered one of the most renowned design awards in the interior design industry worldwide.

Selected by the German Design Council for the strong innovative identity that allows you to manage the LED light in a new and functional, Tru will be on display at the International Furniture Fair IMM Cologne from January 13 19 2014 to and will compete, along with the other winning projects, to title of Best of Best 2014.

“Light is - by definition - visible, while technology and energy tend towards invisibility. In this lamp I tried to give shape not to the illuminating function, but to the delicate balance between what we see and what the object hides ”.

So Roberto Paoli He speaks of Tru, a floor lamp that attracts the eye with its strict geometry, described only by a thin annular metal sign and with the blade of light that emits from an opening vertically almost invisible.

Positioned freely in the environment, Tru appears as an impalpable luminous sign, while in the vicinity of a wall or another reflective surface it seems that writing their own light background to come off visually.

Tru is a mimetic product, hardly visible when switched off. This is also part of the great intuition of Roberto Paoli, who wanted to create a functional object, rational, discreet, that when you turn amazes and appears in all its power. A strength that comes from the contrasts: the power structure in a thin, bright fullness triggered by the structural void, a strong environmental presence that rests on less than one square decimeter.

1 still life Tru Roberto Paoli Nemo Cassina

1 Tru set Roberto Paoli Nemo Cassina

Tru sketch Roberto Paoli Nemo Cassina

3 still life Tru Roberto Paoli Nemo Cassina

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