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Inner Design / TALENT ON THE TABLE contest to design the perfect board it has been modified: 2013-05-03 di Benedict Flowers

Inner DesignWith the participation of Taste of Milan ed EppelaOrganizes TALENT ON THE TABLE, Competition for new design talent.

You have designed a product for the table? Object or prototype that can be set up, decorate, serve, pour, pour, cook, cut ... Now experience the contest!

To a maximum of 3 winners will be given a great opportunity to showcase their projects in the context of the event Taste of Milanodal 30 2 May to June, at the facilities of Superstudio, the citadel of creativity that produces and hosts major events of fashion, design and contemporary art. In addition to receiving the deserved visibility, projects will be included in a plan of production and distribution.

Selected works will access it to a crowdfunding to be launched during the event and will continue until July 7 on platform Eppela: the plan will be addressed in search of funds for industrialization and realization of ideas. If it reaches the budget necessary for the production of a limited series, Inner Design will then provide the resources of their own online shop for the sale of products.

To Whom?
Designers, architects, students, brand, fans: anyone can participate, provided in writing to the site of Inner Design and resident in Europe.

To enter the contest, download the form you can find on the site partecipazioneche Fill it entirely and send it by email to together with at least two photos of the creation proposal (300dpi).

The contest begins 30 April. The material for the participation, as indicated above, should be sent no later than the 19 May 12.00 h pm GM + 1, filling out the entry form and sending it by email to The selection of projects that will be exhibited will be made within the 20 May. Winners will be notified by email within the 21 May. The works will be exhibited from the 30 2 May to June at Taste of Milan.

The selection of objects winners will be made at the discretion of the editors of Inner DesignCon expert support Eppela.

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