IN THE BALANCE / Andrea Pascucci IFU (Instruction For Use)

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IN THE BALANCE / Andrea Pascucci IFU (Instruction For Use) it has been modified: 2013-08-23 di Benedict Flowers

Poised It is the seat designed by Andrea Pascucci to IFU (Instruction For Use)  a young Italian brand dedicated to 'self of “designer” pieces by young Italian designers.

The trip is movement. physical movement, projects, the many choices sometimes hovering, in a state of instability. Just this instability that surrounds and belongs to us, more than ever today, is represented by an item of furniture which normally stability and firmness its fulcrum.

Not this time: the stability can be monotonous as the movement, the journey, stay in balance is a creative stimulus and positive.

“Physical, mental, but also fantasy movement, made up of alternatives, projects, choices so often in the balance, in a state of instability. This instability that surrounds us and belongs more than ever today is represented by a piece of furniture that, as a rule, makes stability and firmness its cornerstone. Not this time: balance can also be monotonous, while movement, travel, being 'in balance' is a fertile and positive stimulus. "

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