IMM COLOGNE 2014 / Soap Table: Roberto Paoli for Ligne Roset

2 soap roberto-paoli Ligne Roset
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The protagonist of the dining area is the table, Around which are held informal moments of conviviality and will consume the rites of hospitality. A furniture that creates opportunities for aggregation, comparison and relaxation, when the frenzy of life seems momentarily subside. Ligne Roset knows the importance of this object and relies on the designer Roberto Paoli to achieve the extension table Soap, consolidating a successful working relationship. Soap reflects the thought that today the audience love living objects like games whose mechanisms and possibilities are not hidden but, on the contrary, highlighted.

In table Soap the two-tone splits the extension removable from the part that remains fixed, so the object even in closed communicate its ability to move. Usually an extension table on the market, conceals its elongation when closed, and since expanded, tries to hide that he stretched.

As if maximize space by changing the objects were not to show weakness. Soap is proud to stretch, shows the parts that make it up and differentiates them with colors. Modern life imposes agitated rhythms, the spaces get smaller and gives more importance to the functionality of an environment and an object. In particular in the apartments of the big cities, dining room and living room are in a single compartment. On a night when you invite friends Soap expands with fast gestures that allow easy and immediate to exploit the space.

Soap is an object socializing symbolizing togetherness, the relate to others. Thanks to its enlargement of the long side is a square, then all the people around have the same position, you eliminate the head of the table and it makes it easier dialogue between the diners. A square table also provides a large support space accessible by everyone equally. Soap hosts 6 covered by closed and 8 when expanded. Soap is solid and valuable, made of solid ash. A table with a distinct function within a strict geometry softened by the warm tones of the material. A product close to the user, built to give a service to man.

1 soap roberto-paoli Ligne Roset

3 soap roberto-paoli Ligne Roset

4 soap roberto-paoli Ligne Roset

5 soap roberto-paoli Ligne Roset

6 soap roberto-paoli Ligne Roset

8 soap roberto-Paoli ligne roset sketch

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