The pleasant encounter between craftsmanship and design

The pleasant encounter between craftsmanship and design it has been modified: 2014-03-22 di Joseph Liddo

Shopdesignitalia Wood and Light in a combination of design and craftsmanship trying to create objects that are able to tell their story with simplicity and humility.

Ancient crafts to more advanced techniques always emphasizing the quality of the materials, the craftsmanship and experimentation.

Wood Light does not just create but by the whole process, from design to marketing.

The objects ispiriano the true principles of 'Eco design but with a different logic: materials that are environmentally friendly from their birth, objects that endure over time and keep him company, eco "logical" in their dismantling therefore in their transport.

The result is a collection of items that you put in daily life with harmony and happiness, objects and accessories ranging from the stool to the bench, from the store room on the magazine rack.

Wood Light presents its catalog of more than ten items. Among these "Argo", a magazine rack made from simple processes that fully exploits the characteristics of the materials used. "Wow," you might say, a store room that can hold eight bottles of wine, four glasses, hangs on the wall and using special supports all this can be multiplied. Stool "Nonon" in its lines try to remember the classic stool grandfather that enhances the principles of traditional joinery that uses the technique of the joints allowing the assembly and disassembly of the same. In addition, a collection of wooden clocks that dictate the flow of time in a playful way rejoicing moments of the day.

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