Literary / Graffiti when design merges with art

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Literary / Graffiti when design merges with art it has been modified: 2017-02-23 di Benedict Flowers

Design, painting, craft skills and new technologies, combine the knowledge with the intent to create a single product: The Literary / Graffiti. And 'This is the library produced by Boffetto to Form Furniture Limited Edition to 99 pieces.

Designed by Italian architect Simone Micheli, Integrates the subject of design reproduction of a painting by the artist Mario Bernardinello, solving the harmoniously pairing and giving a touch of versatility to this happy union.

The Literary / Graffiti is the result of ideas that become part of the furniture and ideas that find place in art. The library, consisting of a stainless steel panel super mirror with shelves and structure in solid surface white, welcomes the work of art reproduction also made of solid backlit surface. The result is a work in the work where the copies will be authenticated and certified by the artist.

Graffiti with the work, also called the Mural Writing 2005, Mario Bernardinello had anticipated the trend of Street Art. Letters, graffiti, drawings, are in fact the essential elements that characterize the work of the writer. That's letters Micheli and graffiti / mural of Bernardinello writing generate, in their merger, an artistic element, form and function very timely. visual expression, that of Street art, capable of combining past and present, with a winking eye to the future.





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