The design meets the Piedmont companies

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The design meets the Piedmont companies it has been modified: 2012-11-09 di Benedict Flowers

Yesterday presented the winning projects of the competition "Typical Products Industrial Design Contest" promoted by Torino Lab factory design from the Industrial Union of Turin

The challenge was ambitious: to relate the Piedmont companies with designers from all over Italy - Professionals and students - with the aim of enhancing the contribution that designers can give in the design of everyday objects, starting from semi-finished industrial origin.

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To achieve this goal turin Lab, The Turin factory design, in collaboration with 'Industrial Union of Turin, He has launched four months ago, the first edition of the competition "Typical Products Industrial design contest", In which the designers were called in to investigate the social and symbolic of the kitchen creating unusual items, authentic, inspired to the sphere of conviviality and tradition, starting from semi-finished manufactured by three selected Piedmont companies from the Industrial Union of Turin: FURNACE HULL , specializing in the production of bricks; Liotex, realizing trimmings and ribbons in cotton and polyester and SMALBO that produces items for chimney in a variety of materials.

The result was surprising: the ban have responded well 83 designers, including 61 professionals from all over Italy. A jury consisting of industry experts has declared a winner for each of the two categories in the competition (Professionals and Students) based on different criteria: feasibility, appropriate and innovative use of materials, technologies and components, consistent with the philosophy and spirit proposed by the competition, the intrinsic characteristics of the project as regards the originality, performance, content and the impact on the environment. 5 mentions were also awarded for the most interesting projects. The winners were awarded the remarkable figure of EUR 3.000 for the Professional category and 1.000 for the Students. The awards ceremony took place this evening at the Unione Industriale di Torino.

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The first prize in the Professional category went to TAVELLA Antonio Cos project. It is a clay tray in the kitchen can fulfill many purposes: empty pockets, centerpieces, spice rack or basket for bread. The project, says the reason for the award, fully interprets the spirit of the competition and its guidelines correctly using the technologies of Hell Carena. The use of an existing external shape, with few modifications and with the innovative application of the cutting process, make it a high feasibility product. Born in Strasbourg 37 years ago, Cos lives and works in Milan. After work experience at the Santachiara study and Fiorucci style office, in 2002 has exhibited at the Salone Satellite in Milan. Since 2009 Cosllection signature, the brand under which it is committed nell'autoproduzione connotation of experimental products.

The first prize in the category Students went instead to the project QR Monica Oddone Chef that, with an innovative use of standard tapes social Liotex production, with the addition of simple successive seams, proposes a practical dosa-rice and door-spaghetti. QR Chef in The art of embroidery recovery plays the QR code that, through an APP for smartphones, quickly restores to reading recipes. The technology, applied to the decor, transforms a simple bag in a multi-purpose item. Twenty-two years of Ivrea (TO), Oddone is a student of the Degree in Industrial Design at the Faculty of Architecture of the Turin Polytechnic. He is interested in graphic design and illustration. In this context, he edited the poster for "The Little School of Theatre" of Castellamonte and part of the publication 2009 illustrations of "A Fairy Tale for the Mountain - The Towers and Castles" of the Cultural Association 'L Péilacan of Pont Canavese.

But do not stop here innovative ideas result of the creativity of the designers, so that the jury decided to award Special mentions to other projects. Three those assigned to the category Professionals: The Door / dosa spaghetti thirty-four Iranian Amir Alizade, in which the diameter of the holes of the brick produced by Fornace Carena become practical and effective dosa spaghetti; Colombo, the eggcup thirty Turin Alessandro Damin adopting the technology company SMALBO simply to give shape to a product concept minimal: an egg cup enamelled steel; Oretta of thirty-seven Florentine Arianna Subri, in which, through a smart use of the tapes produced by Liotex wrapped in a radial pattern on a wall clock, tape marks the passage of the hours and of course turns into multifunction table on which to hang " memo "emergency, typical of a family which has its hub in the kitchen.

Two instead mentions in the category Students: the project of the twenty-four Camino Milan Jacopo Ferrari, an interesting and intelligent interpretation of the functions of the "stovepipe" produced by SMALBO for using the steaming, and Shake your fruit of venticiquenne of Venaria (TO), Sharon Amoroso, a spirit solution for washing vegetables or fruits of small dimensions that through a kind of cocktail shaker can quickly find the path of the table and through which the water can then be re-used for watering the plants.

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