IITTALA / colors for the summer 2013

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IITTALA / colors for the summer 2013 it has been modified: 2013-06-21 di Egidio Giannini

The varied proposal of colors IITTALA for summer 2013 reflects the latest trends in interior design and meets the needs of the moment.
This yearIITTALAalt presents a range of colors from subtle tones that transmits positive energy, optimism and a sense of lightness and brightness.

The new products IITTALA for 'summer 2013 reflect this desire for peace and positivity, adding a breath of freshness to the collections IITTALA and offering new possibilities to combine objects to decorate the table.

IITTALA developed new softer colors, light and transparent to its proposals summer glass: the pink salmon, il pale pink, il lavender essence and lemon recur in the series of vessels Aalto, In jewelry boxes VitriiniIn votive Kiwi e Kastehelmialt , As well as in the line of bowls Maribowls.

Alongside the fresh colors of the range interior, the color green takes special attention: the new shades celadon green and forest green are present in the lines Kartio, Origo, Kastehelmi, Kivi e Maribowls.



Iittala Aalto2013 1

It is the icon of Finnish design. The Aalto vasealt designed by Alvar Aalto in 1936, presented for the first time at 'International Exhibition of Paris the following year, has revolutionized the Scandinavian design and world with its fluid form, simple and eternal. The vessel is still blown within the factory IITTALA and to create it requires a team of seven experienced craftsmen working in perfect harmony.

Aalto salmon pink clear group

The vase IITTALA is proposed for the summer 2013 in the new salmon pink shade that diffuses warm tones and delicate and celebrates the magnificent transparency of glass IITTALA dramatically, creating around them a warm and bright.



Kastehelmi bowl 35cl group

The colorful bowls Kastehelmi, designed by Profes-sor Oiva Toikka in 1964Are faithful to the characteristics-that their designers: witty, cheerful and loving color. The bowls are ideal for serving desserts or ice cream, or as a serving dish, and are also an excellent solution as a gift idea. The bowl with the pedestal, decorated drop of colored glass is available for the summer 2013 in nine pleasant colors.

Kastehelmi votive 64 mm lavender JPGKastehelmi votive 64 mm lemon JPGKastehelmi votive 64 mm pale pink JPG


Teema Origo group

The rows of Origoalt, Designed to IITTALA da Alfredo Häberli, And inspired by the reflection of a rainbow on an airplaneRepresent a fantasy so famous and beloved that few will remember that initially the lines were marginal.

Origo green group

The series, in fact, comes in white color and his only piece striped was the egg cup. The colored striped pattern offers a fresh feel to any environment. The decorum catches the eye, the structure is well defined, and the pace of the lines enlivens every occasion. The line Origo combines easily with other products for the table IITTALA With its variety of color content.

Iittala Teema Origo Kartio 2 JPG

In 2013 the famous stripes colored renewed look with new shade green celadon. A new piece has been added to the range with constant listening to the needs of consumers: it is the mug from 400 ml with handle, As well as available in green, in the other colors in the range orange and beige.


Maribowl-155mm-lemon JPG

The colorful bowls Maribowlalt have been in production 60 years but have become fine gifts and collectibles only after the founder of Marimekko, Armi Ratia, began to use them for its famous garden parties to Bökärs. The Maribowls thus became an object of worship, being suitable both for serving and as decorative items.

 Maribowl 155mm salmon pink JPGMaribowl 120mm forest green JPG

Le Maribowls, Are available in two sizes and in a wide range of colors. The new colors for spring are pale pink, salmon pink and green forest.


Iittala Vitriini image 3 JPG

The collection of containers jewelry Vitriini was created for IITTALA by designer and glass artist Finnish Anu Penttinen. The beautiful Vitriini containers, in various combinations of colors and materials (glass, wood and aluminum), offer endless possibilities to store and at the same time to show small objects, jewelry, keys, and are also ideal for serving at the table with style and a touch of sophistication.

Vitriini group 5 JPG

The containers Vitriini received prestigious design prize IF in 2011.


kivi together

Kiwi, The designer Heikki Orvola, Is a candle holder pressed glass in hand. The Kivi votive are available in numerous colors and each year introduced new beautiful nuances. Kivi is one of the timeless classics of IITTALA, simple yet elegant. Refined alone or in a group, it is perfect for a touch of color and warmth to your home.


 Iittala AaltoTeemaOrigo2013 4 JPG

Teema Kartio group JPG

Kartio - Teema  group.

Kartio glass 21 cl forest green JPGKartio glass 40 cl forest green JPG

The glass Kartio, One of the most well realizations of Kaj Franck (1958), is the result of the perfect balance between material and geometric shape. Simple, resistant for everyday use, Kaj Franck brought about the birth of the essential glass tumbler, a legendary design that transcends any fashion. The wide range of colors perfectly reflects the knowledge of stained glass processing of IITTALA; the new proposal in the shade green forest evokes delicacy and nature.

Teema bowl groupTeema miniset 3 pcs celadon green JPG

La Teema line of IITTALA was designed in 1952 from Kaj Franck. Expression of classical thought and essential design, Each object is derived from three basic forms: the circle, square and rectangle.TO 

Teema plate celadon green group

As the same Kaj Franck explained: "Color is the only necessary decoration". The Teema line is extremely versatile, offering endless combinations and meets all requirements at the table. Plates useful for the preparation of the meal, can be used in the oven, suitable for table service but also to preserve the food, even to freeze it. The collection is renewed for summer 2013 in delicate green celadon.


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