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IFU: the designer self-produced design DIY it has been modified: 2013-08-01 di Benedict Flowers

IFU (Instruction For Use) is a young Italian brand dedicated to 'self of “designer” pieces by young Italian designers short supply chain, costs reduced to a minimum, personal satisfaction skyrocketing: IFU is a response to the economic crisis, an escape from the self-referentiality of globalized design.

How does this work? just buy at a nominal cost centers DIY leaflets IFU©. Instructions in hand, follow the signs to find the parts and components needed in the store, buy them and assemble them at home.

Recently it has been submitted new collection of self-produced design inspired by the theme of travel, during the days of the international photo festival Cortona on the Move, Dedicated to travel in all its forms (July 18-29 September 2013).

5 products, all designed for home self-production taking into account that each material must be easily available, at low cost, using the minimum waste of time, energy and materials. A self-production of objects finally elevated to the ranks of a design worthy of the name, a prêt-à-porter design available to those who buy IFU leaflets at a symbolic cost, with instructions for the necessary materials and tools: 15 indispensable moves to build our product - and with ample margins for customization (size? color? detail? finish? other?) - and a QRcode with the link directly to the video tutorial that we can follow step by step.

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InBILICO AndreaPascucci 3 lres

NINA LeonardoFortino 1 lres

Afterworld MarioAlessiani 1 lres

VIAGGIOBREVE CarusoDAngeliStudio 3 lres

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