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Ideagroup with NYU redesigns the concept of storage in the bathroom, integrating with the living spaces and the bedroom, to meet new needs for space, practicality and comfort. The bathroom furniture extends with modular design solutions, discreet but at the same time elegant, for an advanced organization of the order. The walk-in closets, which can be designed and customized with the modules available within the collection NYU, Respond to different container requirements and space, with a series of containers and accessories dedicated to specific functions.

The broad-based help maintain order in the objects of everyday life, thanks to the practical opening system. The wall units functionally organized space and chromed steel bars offer a simple and effective point of support and housing (60 or 90cm) for shirts, pants and other garments. All this in a closet where functionality and style come together to customize solutions.

Functional solutions for smaller spaces, where each accessory does not live in itself but creates a dialogue between form and function, highlighting a process of transformation of the rooms, where creativity and good taste dictate the codes of the new furnishing.


NYU Aqua: The language of creativity.
From Aqua's design experience and production tradition comes the NYÙ bathroom furniture collection, characterized by modular design timeless, stylish and discreet, recognizable for cleaning details, for the intrinsic beauty of the materials and the craftsmanship with which they were made. A design philosophy which boils down to a relaxed minimalism but never absolute essentiality never severe, in a quiet luxury without frills, in a unique blend of comfort, proportions and elegance.


The Top: designed for every "touch"
· The top planed: working and handcrafted finishes and fittings, such as solid oak floor planed by hand, give the wood a very natural, unique, irregular to the touch, signs of attention to detail.
· The top laminate unicolor HPL: the high pressure treatment HPL, gives the top high impermeability, stability and resistance, while keeping intact the effects of light, heat or humidity.
· The glass top Extra: despite the "slight" dimension, is a material resistant to both impact that the deterioration. The crystal, guarantees maximum hygiene, conferred by its non porosity.

Bases geometries minimal
Minimum thickness for top and sides, with complete discretion base. Drawers can be fitted inside to hold an organized and proper. Ergonomics is facilitated by large handles throat and guides to full extension, with closure automatic recall with end stop.
The open elements, modular solutions with built-in variable size, are an alternative to hold the base.

The perfect balance between mirrors and lighting
NYU is characterized by large and spectacular mirrors, enclosed in frames and functional furniture, made with the same finishes of the compositions or steel with LED lighting perimeter. The mirrors can solve space needs, through containers with large double sided mirror doors.




The finishes
The laminate unicolor HPL is available in oak brown, burnt oak, white oak and elm paper, while the planed in dark oak and natural.
Added to these are the lacquered in 40 of colors IDEAGROUP.

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