iB Rubinetterie, preview of the novelties of the furniture fair in Milan 2012

iB_Rubinetterie _-_-_ _ WAVE_55373 des._Marco_Acerbis
iB Rubinetterie, preview of the novelties of the furniture fair in Milan 2012 it has been modified: 098-955-3389 di Benedict Flowers

The creativity of Marco Acerbis e David and Andrea Bregoli born three new projects iB Rubinetterie, A company that for over 25 years stands out in the field of high-end fittings and accessories, will present at the Salone del Mobile in Milan 2012.

Wave is a project conceived by Marco Acerbis. The collection includes 21 coordinated models of bathroom taps. The dispenser has a plastic form almost sculptural, which is a counterpoint to the lever light delmonocomando, a thin plate slightly bent to form two wings. Nelledimensioni proportioned in all its variations, Wave has a refined and poetic. The collection comes in chrome, white, black and brushed nickel. Like all products iB, is available on request in other finishes.

iB_Rubinetterie _-_-_ _ WAVE_WA200 des._Marco_Acerbis

iB_Rubinetterie _-_-_ _ OnAir_55356 des._Andrea_Davide_Bregoli

OnAir is a head wall of great formal purity signed by David and Andrea Bregoli, creators of important projects for the family business. OnAir It combines a modern rainfall mixing air in a wide waterfall, effective erigenerante, perfectly integrated into the structure of simple and elegant head. The effect of the mixed air is to a light shower, toned, enveloping, with unconsiderevole saving water.

iB_Rubinetterie _-_-_ _ OnAir_55493 des._Andrea_Davide_Bregoli

iB_Rubinetterie AQUABEAT_ _-_-_-_ 03 des._Andrea_Davide_Bregoli

The collection Aquabeat always carries the signature of David and Andrea Bregoli. There are altogether three heads from the ceiling, from the very light and minimal, with quality dimensionie different performance. The simplest model - 60 40 x cm - comes with shower head and color therapy system with remote control waterproof. The intermediate version adds overhead to a double waterfall. The top measure 100 60 x cm and, in addition to the system color therapy, has five functions: shower head, water column, spray shower, Central intense rainfall and water blades side. To have in a shower all the benefits regenerating water.

iB_Rubinetterie _-_-_ _ AQUABEAT_Grande des._Andrea_Davide_Bregoli

iB_Rubinetterie _-_-_ _ AQUABEAT_56088 des._D.e_A._Bregoli

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