The Tin Flowers poppies, dreamy soul of outdoor 2015

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The Tin Flowers poppies, dreamy soul of outdoor 2015 it has been modified: +2015 di Benedict Flowers

For the 2015 summer come Poppies, one of the most iconic collections of the brand Flowers Tin becomes outdoor to color the garden.

Various proposals starting with from the Thousand Red Poppies table version with concrete base and stem in stainless steel, on which stand out bright red poppies.

In addition to enriching the line Full Metal Flowers 2015 from spring also poppies infinite, Large sculptures - two hundred cm high - which have retained their 'lightness', despite its size, and that are colored in gold and steel for those who love the essential, but with a taste of glamor and rock. However they are also available in the 'classic' red poppy and the indoor version.

Flowers from a split personality, solid and ideal for gardens, terraces and porches, but at the same time mild and dreamy, like the wind caressed poppies.

concrete poppies amb social design magazine

Poppies Infiniti Metal King social design magazine

Poppy King outdoor social design magazine

Poppy infinite ground king social design magazine

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