The new hangers "Frolle" by Andrea Brugnera

The new hangers "Frolle" by Andrea Brugnera it has been modified: 2014-01-08 di socialdesign magazine

shortbread, delicious hangers Wall, made Wood and frosted with cream or chocolate.

Cream or chocolate? Shortbread is a set of mouth-watering hangers made from solid wood wall with different shapes and partially lacquered cream or chocolate.

Shortbread and its packaging reminiscent of the boxes of assorted cookies, delicious and inviting. The fastening system is simple, And the different types of "cookie" and "filling" with taste equip the wall, making it functional. perfect not only input as a hanger, but in the kitchen, in the dining room, in the bedroom and even in the bathroom.

Shortbread is a 'Gift idea ahead, To share with their friends or enjoy on your own when space is never enough.

Like in boxes of assorted cookies, each set contains several forms of biscuit.






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