High Back Bed, designed by Zhang Jingxiang for MZGF Studio

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High Back Bed, designed by Zhang Jingxiang for MZGF Studio it has been modified: 2014-11-25 di jessica zannori

Il bed is the object with which we spend more time and one with which we have more contact, this is the reason why many are the qualities required of a bed:

It must be sufficiently strong and durable; It should be no sharp corners to avoid hitting them, his head should be tilted back as the chairs to even read in bed; the appearance is very important, must be attractive and durable ...

To try to answer all these requirements, designers MZGF Studio They have designed this bed with the head high and bent to 'back. It 's simple and elegant.

The legs and the rest of the structure of the bed like two independent parts, but stacked together.

The head is very high, tilted back at an angle of 8 degree, is very ergonomic to meet the most people and postures.

The edges of both sides give the user the feeling of being protected, moreover, the V-shaped lines on the back of the headboard increased the liveliness of the whole bed.

To the question of security, the four corners of the frame, on the top edge of the head and other parts that may be impacted frequently have been rounded

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