Hi home, your dream home is home automation!

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A perfect combination of design, technology, simplicity of forms and uses: in the project Hi Home di  Andrea Castrignano the goal of achieving system integration, and not a normal installation of individual equipment, has been achieved thanks to the intelligent use of home automation, which consists in the study, design, installation, programming and testing of systems. All electrical and electronic appliances communicate with each other, contributing to well-being and maximum comfort in any home environment.

Various components have been inserted and integrated in the sample house in via Adige 11, including lights and dimmers to activate different light scenarios, filter curtains, blackout curtains, external curtains, radiant floor panels and air conditioners in winter and summer mode, multiroom audio , multiroom HD video, fully concealed home theater, built-in TV, mirror TV for bathrooms with IP65 protection for humid environments, alarms, CCTV, a computerized shower with different scenarios - temperature, power of the water jet - preset, up to the photovoltaic system which provided for the installation of the latest generation solar panels on the roof, to provide the energy necessary for the operation of the whole house.

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The systems studied are complex, but thanks to careful programming the result for the end user is extremely simple. With touch keyboards, a 10 '' tablet-type mobile device and a wall-mounted touchscreen dedicated to home automation, the use is intuitive: anyone can familiarize themselves with the controls with the utmost ease and immediately enjoy all the possibilities provided.

The use of home automation also makes it possible to increase the safety of the rooms, thanks to remote access control and video surveillance, and, since all the controls are in low voltage, it is possible to eliminate electromagnetic waves, obtaining a healthier home to live in. Eco-sustainability, energy saving, innovative and technologically advanced solutions, comfort and ease of use are the keywords at the base of the Hi Home project: an ideal but possible environment, a house of the future to see and touch with your hand, with proposals and concrete results.

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