HeadFoams, the foam rubber headphones trendy and fun for kids

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HeadFoams, the foam rubber headphones trendy and fun for kids it has been modified: 2014-05-20 di Benedict Flowers

Fun, trendy, unique and safe for children, the headphones in HeadFoams rubbery foam are a perfect accessory for play, study and have fun.

Marblue, leader in the production of innovative cases and accessories for smart devices, once again presents a cutting-edge article with which it reaches a new milestone among the fascinating products for children. These are HeadFoams, the first monobloc headphones foam in the world, fun, safe and vibrant, For which has already been applied for patent.

The HeadFoams are constituted by a single body made of EVA, a safe foam, non-toxic, BPA-free, soft, foldable, virtually indestructible and fun: is the same material used in the synthetic cork for wine and in Crocs shoes.

The HeadFoams differ from traditional headphones because they do not have mechanisms and moving parts in plastic or metal.

They have been certified according to the child safety regulations of the main American and international tests. The HeadFoams are an attractive and fun accessory for children while offering maximum peace of mind for parents. Indicate by 3 years and over, Are suitable for most sizes, and for the convenience of the smaller just use the extension pad included. The earphones are made of soft foam, lined with fabric PU and have a form that ensures comfort for all.

The sound is crisp, clear and deep and the output level is limited to 85 decibels, in order to protect the hearing of growing and developing children.

“Innovation and design are rooted in Marblue's DNA. The Headfoams were born from the need to create safer headphones for children but also fun and able to stimulate their sensitivity. Our design team has created an absolutely unique product, studying every aspect of this project - from ergonomics and safety, to colors, to materials, to new production techniques. Without forgetting, of course, the elegant shape "Says Edward Martin, CEO of Marblue.

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From May they will be available in three beautiful colors: purple, blue and orange. And this is only the beginning. More information on:

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