Gianluca Sgalippa for Enzyma / "Stigma" lamp

Gianluca Sgalippa lamp Stigma
Gianluca Sgalippa for Enzyma / "Stigma" lamp it has been modified: 2013-10-08 di jessica zannori

At its birth, in 2011, the brand Enzyma ( Based its identity on a product line of furniture from the bold and sophisticated. After nearly two years of significant findings, the collection is enriched by the type of the most fascinating: the lamps. "Stigma", table lampInaugurates a line of bright objects that will form, from now on, the most recognizable of Enzyma.

This choice honors the passion and experience of Gianluca Sgalippa, Its brand manager, in the field of lighting design. Echoing the philosophy of expression of the other products already in the catalog, "Stigma" is characterized by surreal forms, abstract, absolute, creating from nothing an individual between the artificial and the organic.

From a platform emerge vertically 6 stems of different heights, as pistils ("stigmas") of a flower, the antennas eye of a snail or anemones a seabed. As a luciferase, LEDs housed in the heads emit a soft light and dreamlike. The realization of the lamp has been entrusted to the sintering, which is the last frontier of digital in design, which printed in the 3D Alumide, mix of powders of aluminum and PMMA.

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