GESTA and SELF, new pots designed by Roberto Paoli for TVS

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GESTA and SELF, new pots designed by Roberto Paoli for TVS it has been modified: 2014-05-20 di jessica zannori

Roberto Paoli, signing the new collections of pots Gesta and self for the company TVS.

TVS offers products of strong technological innovation, getting closer to market needs, with a deep attention to design. So Roberto Paoli draws Gesta and self starting from the principles that underpin the company's philosophy.

In light of today's success in the world of cooking, Gesta emphasizes the value of the chef's craft. The work of the cook ironically can be traced back to exceptional gifts, the exploits of our century. The collection thus becomes an equipment to be able to dedicate oneself to one's passion. The sturdy handle of Gesta, the dynamics of its design and the bold colors communicate a product endowed with resistance, durability and tenacity.

The collection stems instead from a self introspective. The customization of its dishes and the predilection of selected recipes generate the originality of the cuisine of each of us. An intimate space where you decide our power and that of our loved ones.
The individual moves in an inner journey of building their relationship with food, wealth of information accumulated over time.
The cook has a “kitchen self”, a personal sphere that can be generously open to others, but which remains mainly within us.
The graphic collection of the Self is a quick gesture, an autograph of our habitat.

Roberto Paoli was able to create a natural and essential a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation.

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