Bosco gems: the new Luxury

Pantry Larga, Series Rods
Bosco gems: the new Luxury it has been modified: 2013-03-27 di Marta Waxing

Bosco gems, Variations in slats and rails, are the joint work of several craftsmen of the Vicenza area.

The company Zordan 1965, The young designer Andrea Francesconi, a sawmill, a social cooperative specialized in the restoration, all with one goal: to reinvent the mobile production chain, allowing the client to attend as a spectator to the creation of their mobile through the website.

The cabinet is extracted from a single trunk, chosen by the customer from the company surrounding woods. A base and stem bearing the serial number and a stamp, which guarantees the customer the uniqueness of the product, and accompanying furniture in all stages of processing.

If the countless social content and project sustainability are not sufficient, to the outstanding quality guarantee evidenced by the characteristics of the cabinet: noble hardwood solid sawn with radial cutting technique, burnished brass inserts tailor-made products, natural finishes and handmade fabrics, for a mobile that can last for generations.

Table, Slats Series

Low Sideboard, Slats Series

Cutting and Marking

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