G-Design® @ Studio Associate B.

G-Design® @ Studio Associate B. it has been modified: 2012-03-31 di G-Design® / Marcello Ghirardi

In private practice of international fame with an entrance lobby of considerable size, the skyline of shiny black plexiglass G-Design, conceive and solve the problem of the furniture.

Panels of different sizes depicting the profiles of the metropolis of New York and London, well-posed by the design object created by the profile of the city of Mantova, not cities, but city rich in culture and with a unique skyline.

Again G-Design realizes the only uniqueness of furnishings that make furniture for itself; also adaptable to a formal interior, the skyline black plexiglass polished, are distributed on a wall of almost ten meters, occupying the views of the users of the space, creating curiosity and allowing you to appreciate how the idea of ​​plexiglass panels machined to form profiles of cities, render these elements real pieces of design.

These furnishings of considerable size, can be modeled for any need and to exploit walls of considerable size to be able to get a unique and individual design furniture for the ability to model the plexiglass on commissions also special.

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