G-Design® @ Libenter - Exhibition

G-Design® @ Libenter - Exhibition it has been modified: 2012-03-30 di G-Design® / Marcello Ghirardi

Behind the most central square in the historic center of Mantua, is an avant-garde, where drinks and food are served in an atmosphere of complete design. Youth but for all targets, has live music and DJ sets with high-profile artists.

Informal exposure where the plexiglass was made by the master, assuming the most extravagant to celebrate some of the icons of the '900; the same colors chosen for the sheets of plexiglass work, reminiscent of the early century in which women and men clothes and accessories in shades of black and white, were all the rage. Celebrities of cinema as Charlie Chaplin, Alfred Hitchcock, but also icons of science such as Albert Einstein took regular shapes of square sheets of plexiglass, as if their faces were etched on Polaroid prints from classic white outline.

As if they were coming from black and white films of the last century, the characters portraits display their characteristic expressiveness albeit portraits on sheets of plexiglass; the embarrassment of Chaplin, the lucid madness of Jack Nicholson in the role of the Joker and the frivolous carefree Mickey Mouse, take take on contours and shiny plastic.

The layout designed with an underlying theme that was well placed in the colors and shapes of the local who hosted the show, has been conceived with a simple inspiration result of an informal chat with the client who, taking the opportunity to see each other produce works with a theme dear as that of the cinema, which could not be surprised by the use of this technique which proposed frameworks suited to a diverse audience in addition to an extremely informal.

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