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G-Design® @ Daedalus Club it has been modified: 2012-04-10 di G-Design® / Marcello Ghirardi

Nights outdoors, music and dinners in the garden, on the mirror of the artificial lake that captures light and color, also characterize the summer 2011 to Chiringuito via Parma. Meta fashionable and meeting proposals and trends to a target united by the pursuit of detail and quality in both the fun in relaxation. The same detail that G-Design has been able to carry the exclusive privèe, where the fusion between the atmosphere and image creates a unique atmosphere and coated.

Born in 2008 privée in the Chiringuito, local cult of the lively summer Virgiliana, Daedalus came quickly as a "club in the club" and become 2011 summer study opportunities for G-Design that sets the basis for its proposal of setting up the "fusion" between aesthetics and identity, to package, tailor, a unique and strong visual impact.

The suggestion of the intricate maze designed by the greek mythological Daedalus to enclose the dangerous Minotaur, immediately becomes food for the project for a special setting that is able to create a unique environment exclusive privèe nightlife Wednesday night license plate Chiringuito .

And fascinating one, in which those who enter is lost in a maze of music and fun, the idea of ​​the labyrinth flows from pencil and drawing behind the djs that during the summer will occupy the console privée, behind the skyline the city of Mantua, true complement of minimalist design and chic. A project of construction of strong artistic impact despite its simplicity for the characteristic of G-Design in the form of combining the essence and the refinement of unique details and tailored to fully reflect the spirit of those who put themselves in the hands of G- Design.

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