G-Design® @ Check Point Street Fashion

G-Design® @ Check Point Street Fashion it has been modified: +2012 di G-Design® / Marcello Ghirardi

Always in line with fashion trends, unique, youthful point of sale Check Point Piazza Virgiliana, located in the historic center of Mantua, G-Design has chosen to set up the entire outer wall of his shop.

After a thorough study of the iconography and colors to be used in line with the image offered by Check Point to its customers, G-Design has created and produced the preparation of the five windows located across the outer wall of the store.

Taking on plexiglass panels colors dark brown and white, the colors consistent with internal and external of the store, G-Design has revised the entrance of the store, aesthetic factor very important in the eyes of the potential customer.

The work was carried out by creating panels over 5 2 square feet each and then fixed in place of the previous windows making homogeneous at a glance the whole surface of welcome from the shop.

To increase customer loyalty towards the brand Check Point, G-Design has also created business cards screen printed on plexiglass, brown, applied to different types of packaging of purchases, and given away to customers.

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