Foscarini / Birdie Suspension

Foscarini / Birdie Suspension it has been modified: 2012-04-12 di Benedict Flowers

Mobile arms of different size, light as branches that stand out in space. And 'the spectacular contemporary chandelier designed by Birdie Ludovica + Roberto Palomba and proposed by Foscarini.

Natural evolution of Birdie, the lamp that, true to its name - in English "bird" - spreads its wings and finds new expression in the air. Revisiting the idea of ​​the traditional chandelier and exalting to the maximum the decorative function, Birdie suspension consists of one, three, six or nine mobile arms, of variable length, that allow to approach or move away the diffuser auction for maximum customization.

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How small flames each element emits a light, multiplying in a series of endless appeals, becomes linear and light in the simplest version, choral and theatrical composition richer for a striking effect. The color variations of the speakers will re orange, white, purple and gray Birdie while the backbone is present in white.



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