Flio - supporting wooden laptop ultra slim and portable

Flio - supporting wooden laptop ultra slim and portable it has been modified: 2014-11-18 di jessica zannori

Flio is a Support laptop Portable folding that offers a height and angle suitable for easy typing wherever you go.

E 'was created by Vlad Butucariu, A young designer who lives in the Netherlands.

Perhaps Flio is the thinnest Support laptop wood, One of a kind. E 'consists of three subtle elements of wood together fomano like a little puzzle. Its installation is very easy, is so thin that it is in any stock or even you can carry in your hand, making it light and its thickness of just 8mm.

Flio elevates your laptop at the right height, allowing you to keep your back straight especially during typing.

Vlad has spent a lot of time looking for the best balance between height and angle so you have no need of an additional keyboard.






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