Fatal Error / Deadidea in Milan Design Week 2011

Fatal Error / Deadidea in Milan Design Week 2011 it has been modified: 2011-04-09 di Benedict Flowers

Milan - Design week 2011, Deadidea, draft-design street from 2007, returns to the scene with a new action, and a new perspective on the concept of "Death and Immortality" that has always distinguished the brand; This year Angelo Cruciani and Robi Chendler originators of the concept analizzareranno the Fatal Error.
The project will be online from April 12 2011 on the official website of the project: http://

In a social historical context that ranges from disasters of all kinds: earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear explosions, epidemics, wars, crises and selfishness of each course, survivals nascostee legalized profiteering; the destruction has become a daily meal well served by the mass media on the tables of our unconscious. This system could become extinct.

Viral campaign / Out-door:
The "massacre" as a daily fact, the spectacle of Death as intrattenimento.Un installation without filters and without goodness, will the terrifying mirror of our addicted cynical attention to the world around us.

Ventura Design District

Dead design / web design / design direction

Я должен это остановить, пока все мы не взлетели на воздух.

Я хочу, чтобы вы обеспечили полную недоступность наших банков данных для посторонних, "The saboteur русификатор"Сказал Смит.

Мы завертелись волчками, когда сила тяжести быстро ушла.

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