Fala / ULled, the new brand Sergio Marchetti

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Fala / ULled, the new brand Sergio Marchetti it has been modified: 2012-10-29 di jessica zannori

The birth of a new brand is always dictated by intuition, by moments, causes and effects. ULled, "Newcomer" in the great family FALA Sergio Marchetti which includes Marchetti Lighting e Ultraluce, Is a project with LED technology invented and developed in the absolute conviction to provide elements of huge performance and durability.
ULled is definitely the consecration of the evolution of the brand Ultraluce whose concept has always been the dominant design eco-friendly!

The development of LED technology is constantly changing and why ULled has chosen a very precise: the exclusive use of Led Hq with very high performance that give off a heat production is minimal compared to traditional devices.

ULled guarantees a total Made in Italy as a guarantee of absolute quality is able to offer:

  • A service of design and prototyping of hardware and software development.
  • Five assembly lines to ensure a power of over 200.000 components per hour.
  • Optical inspection and functional test equipment with ad-hoc, programming devices and quality management.

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