Fabbian produces 'The Wing' for Hong Kong airport

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Fabbian produces 'The Wing' for Hong Kong airport it has been modified: 2013-05-27 di jessica zannori

After scoring the wall of light Tile to business lounges at airports in Hong Kong, San Francisco and Paris, Fabbian Lighting has created The Wing, a new sculpture of glass and light to the VIP lounge of Cathay Pacific, Inside the airport in Hong Kong. FabbianThanks to installations Tile and The Wing, has become 'brand icon' of the Asian airline. Italian excellence in the world, Fabbian has been chosen for this project for the quality of materials, reliability and above all for the constructive capacity that reflects the idea of ​​architects and respecting at the same time, the strict rules Chinese airport.

The Wing, Designed by the architectural firm in London Norman Foster + Partners, Looks like an imposing work of twenty 'blades' glass of different shapes towering over 3 meters each, decorated with carvings that create a stunning effect, thanks to the LED sources hidden at the base of the lamp. The effects are made even more spectacular by the black color of the marble floor that contrasts with the purity of the crystals, thus creating a spectacular play of reflections.  

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