Fabbian lighting presents its new collection of lamps Oru

Fabbian lighting presents its new collection of lamps Oru it has been modified: 2013-11-21 di socialdesign magazine

Fabbian Lighting presents Oru, The exclusive collection designed by Vim & Vigor which gives the metal a new 'floating' personality.

The concept of this extraordinary collection is born from the desire of young New York designer to create a single object that draws inspiration from the fascinating world of origami, the magic of being able to transform a simple piece of paper into a new completely different three-dimensional shape. Hence, the idea to combine the technique of cutting and folding a customary form of machined metal.

The new collection of lamps Oru It leads to a new and totally original metal interpretation.

'The peculiarity of the lamps Oru - explain Vim & Vigor - It lies in the fact that seem to change shape as you watch, by walking around '. Generally, in fact, the metal lamps are symmetrical, but in Oru a cutting tool creates a special hole in the lampshade, which is then folded and secured in its new form celebrating, thus, the art of metal bending. The result is then a lampshade that seems to have a typical symmetric shape if seen from one side, but looking from another, you notice the hole and the thin organic form which gives depth and three-dimensionality.

Oru It is available for speakers of two different sizes and with contrasting interior made more colors, to evoke a sense of fun and original mystery: the two-tone painted aluminum is characterized by internal and external blacks in vibrant colors of red, green and lit petrol blue.

Oru It is also available in the 'luxury' version, made entirely of copper, burnished on the outside and extraordinarily bright and shiny inside.

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