Fabbian Lighting: to vote the most beautiful installations made with their lamps

Fabbian lighting contest
Fabbian Lighting: to vote the most beautiful installations made with their lamps it has been modified: 2013-01-15 di Fabbian Lighting

Fabbian Lighting, The Treviso company specializes in producing designer lamps for habitat and contract, he has always wanted to maintain a direct relationship with the professionals in the furniture industry, namely architects, designers, interior designers and the like. Their own are, in fact, a significant slice of their target: a team of experts are always looking for original and exclusive solutions to enhance their projects and their installations, without forgetting of course the large audience of individuals interested in a complement d ' particularly furniture to decorate their homes.

Which the circuit best to talk to professionals in the digital age?
The answer is obvious: website.

Lately, the Veneto brand increased its presence online, with very special attention to the social platforms. The aim is to involve a large number of professionals and practitioners that all installations using lamps Fabbian can merge into a single container.

Hence the idea of ​​dedicating a section of the site the achievements made with lamps Fabbian where architects, interior designers, decorators and experienced furniture stores can upload the best photos of their installations.

Projects may include private homes, offices, open space or public environments, such as hotels and cafes.

Participants can also send multiple projects: the important thing is to fill out a separate form for each proposal.

The only requirement is that the projects are of recent construction and include lamps by Fabbian.

The photos will be selected by a jury and the most beautiful installations will get total visibility because it will be advertised completely free of:

  • company site
  • all major social Fabbian
  • magazine Fabbian May

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