.exnovo Section presents, hanging lamp 3d printed

.exnovo Section presents, hanging lamp 3d printed it has been modified: 2015-03-18 di jessica zannori

Section, the new suspension lamp by .exnovo, A modern Wunderkammer light.

At the end of the Renaissance, here appear wonderful containers wishing to enclose within them "the world around" are the Wunderkammer - rooms full of sixteenth century wonders - able to fuse nature and bizarre, fantastic and imaginative, intrigue and mystery. It seems like a Wunderkammer all contemporary pendant lamp by the Section, the new project signed .exnovo, thirty company pioneered in the manufacture of digital design collections through 3D professional printing.


A modern Wunderkammer bright, able to reveal every detail in the details that make up: this, in particular, the distinction of Section created by designer Marco Lafiandra. A luminaire consists of a shaped tubular diffuser, combined with a hemispherical cap by dotted texture - minimal and, at the same time, a strong visual impact - represent the basic elements of the project.

The lamp also appears to be characterized by a metallic mirror surface - in the closing of the cap - which was the true uniqueness of the object: adjustable at will, the surface is able to focus new perspectives of the lighting body, joined in "sections" of all Section unexpected environment in which it is placed.

In a game with no stop lights and reflections, with unpredictable outcomes and endless variations, the reality as it leaves room for the amazing view, the fantastic and all'immaginifico; as in a "cabinet of curiosities" in miniature, the atmosphere totally contemporary.


The tube and lamp shell designed by Marco Lafiandra for .exnovo is polyamide - sintered by professional 3D printing and available in white color variant - the reflecting surface is made of stainless steel instead. Section extent 30,1 88,9 cm cm L x H x P 25,0 cm and supports LED light sources max 18 W.

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