Emo design, Milan Design Week 2012

Emo design, Milan Design Week 2012 it has been modified: +2012 04-16-XNUMX di jessica zannori


Emo design. The study based in Vittorio Veneto (TV), founded in 2009 by Lukasz Bertoli, Francesco Costacurta and Carlo Ciciliot present in Milan from April 17 22 to four new projects, for FTK Eurocucina the elegant glass hood Zephiro for Falmec, with the revolutionary

e.Ion® filtering technology, while the wooden stool Hug, the collection of upholstered Honeymoon and lamp Rondo for Elite scene at the Salone del Mobile.


emo design offers advice in the field of industrial design in areas ranging from automation to packaging, from heating to electrical appliances, from furniture to urban. Among these Aster, a cot and super urban reassuring that in addition to the rest offers hospitality and a range of options revolutionary, including a system of OLED lighting and a sound source speaker made contact they do play the object itself. This comfortable chaise longue Urban was designed for the company Blacks Longiano (FC) and will be on display at Light + Building in Frankfurt in the context of a total revamp of the brand which this year celebrates its fiftieth anniversary.


Emo design, active witness of the challenge to the crisis of the twenty-first century, thanks to his role as outsider compared to the company, focuses on different areas of the market and with a surgical approach and pragmatic design shows the possible solutions with a different lens ensuring a competitive advantage in terms of differentiation and product design. How to explain the founders in unison: "The pollution communicative today obliges the downsizing of the amount of messages / meanings that a product can offer. E 'need to leverage breakthrough design, easy to read, highly memorable and understandable by the potential customer. This is critical not only for the product itself but for the "product system" and therefore also for the brand. A clear positioning and distant from the competition allows the company to create its own target market virtually untouchable ".The design becomes vital element for each product, a means to innovate and become more competitive in a market where differentiation is a must have.


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