Emma Infiniti: the curved wooden sweetness

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Emma Infiniti: the curved wooden sweetness it has been modified: 2013-07-10 di socialdesign magazine

New life, new forms, new solutions go to revisit a timeless material like wood, creating a pleasant blend of beauty and functionality. In Emma di Infiniti, Series created by the study Favaretto & Partners, The wood becomes the main element of the chair, stool and table, buying a new and very attractive face.

Emma fact has the solid wood frame and the body has a unique curved wood: an aesthetic solution that creates a continuous and sensual play of curves, for a seat that is particularly sleek and comfortable. The gentle lines that accompany the seat and, more generally, the entire hotel, are enhanced in the upholstered version with soft fabric or melange kvadrat.

Emma is part of the series also fixed square table, available in two different sizes, with solid beech or oak frame and shelf in beech wood or lacquered MDF. With rounded corners and thin legs, tilted outward, Emma Table has a simple yet stylish look, which makes the table a sort of master key for each environment.

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