Elegance no limit: Art deco by Bertelè is on the scene!

Elegance no limit: Art deco by Bertelè is on the scene! it has been modified: 2017-09-04 di barbara

This is the atmosphere of the signature creations Bertelè, the iconic Veronese brand, which renews and reinterprets this year's passion for Art Deco. A sensory, visual and tactile journey between the precious decorations and the refined style of furnishings that are real works of art in which appealing functionality and aesthetics meet.

The fabulous Art deco world is revealed in the living style conceived by Bertelè, transforming furniture of everyday life into authentic jewelery protagonists of space. Presented for the first time at the Salone del Mobile, the tailor-made Art Deco Table is the perfect spokesman for this trend: symmetrical geometries that include materials of pure excellence, here Macassar ebony in glossy finish intersects with maple wood and cherry blossom and embellishes with bright mother of pearl. The chic, sophisticated air is also raised from the legs; in fact, they are designed as pleated and ethereal columns, and support the plan with a solid looking look.

"Our furnishings are works of art, they can not be defined differently," said Elena Baldini, Designer of Bertelè. "Eclectic, world-class, international Bertelè style finds new life with a great return to Art deco in all its unlimited elegance. Our customers? They are the lovers of tailoring who rediscover the pleasure and luxury of a custom made furniture to fit perfectly the home and tastes of those who live it. "

Search for the luxury and delight of the house: this is what Bertelè does day after day enchanting the most prestigious houses thanks to the precious furnishings inspired by the mood of the early twentieth century and decorating the classic and traditional style according to a ' interpretation made to measure.

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